how to clean dirty carpet without a machine

How To Clean Dirty Carpet Without A Machine?

Cleaning your carpet is as important as cleaning your floor. I’m sure you do it more frequently than just once a twice a year and your carpets should get the same treatment.

I also know that professional machine cleaning is the best way to do it but you can’t hire professional help every month, that’s just overspending, considering you don’t have a trampoline room in your basement like Bill Gates. Depending on the traffic, and the use of your carpet, you might want to professionally clean them every 4-6 months.

But you should clean your carpets more often than that, at least once a month, especially if it’s dirtier than it should. Don’t worry, you won’t have to take professional help to clean them every month. You can do it yourself, without any high tech machine. So, here’s how to clean dirty carpet without any professional help or a machine.

When would you need a machine-less carpet cleaning?

Again, the best way to get your carpets cleaned is getting professional help. However, as I’ve said, you should clean your carpet more often than just getting professional help once or twice a week.

Now, when would you need the cleaning?

Apart from the timely must-clean routine, you also need to do manual cleaning every once in a while.

It will depend on the traffic and where you put the carpet. First, if you are using the carpet in your entrance where lots of visitor come by, you might need to clean the carpet every 15 to 30 days.

But if your carpet is in someplace where people doesn’t make crowd so often, like your study, your bedroom, etc. you might want to wash themevery 2-3 months.

Secondly, apart from the timely cleaning, you might need to clean your carpets whenever you spill something on the carpet, especially if you know that the spilled drink will leave a stain on the carpet.

Now let’s get into how to clean…

Things you’ll need

To clean your carpets without any machine or professional equipment, you’ll need 2 basic tools along with few other things which you will find in your home at your local grocery store.


  1. A scrubbing brush, preferably with stiff bristles. Also, try to get the longest one you could have.
  2. A spray bottle to sprinkle the cleaning agent. Plastic ones are very easy to find and they are not so expensive.

Other ingredients, solutions,and apparatus:

  1. Salt: Some type of table salt like sea salt or kosher salt, any type of salt will work.
  2. Detergent: You’ll need some kind of detergent which will be the cleaning agent for your carpets.
  3. Baking Soda / Baking Powder:Any brand will work. You’ll need baking soda because it is a cleaning agent too.
  4. Cloth towels or rags: Some fresh or old towels or rags. You old T-shirt that you were meaning to throw out will also work.
  5. Water: And of course, nothing can be cleaned without water. Besides, you’ll needwater to make the solution for with detergent.

Cleaning the carpet WITHOUT A MACHINE

Once you got everything in a place, take your carpet and the tools & ingredients to an open place like your backyard. If your carpet is small, you can do it in your bathroom too.

Now, follow these steps carefully.

1.    Make the detergent solution in the spray bottle.

Clean the spray bottle at first. Then pour water in the spray bottle. Don’t fill the bottle completely though.

Then add some detergent into the water, not more than half of a tablespoon. Then leave the spray bottle aside. You don’t need to shake itor stir it. Just let it set aside.

2.    Sprinkle the baking soda on the carpet

Sprinkle the baking soda in yourcarpet. You can sprinkle thebaking soda with your hand.

Also, you don’t need to cover the whole carpet. Just sprinkle it over.

If you have any specific stain that you want to remove, sprinkle a little extra over those spots.

3.    Like the baking soda, sprinkle some salt over the carpet.

Like the way you sprinkled baking soda on the carpet, you need to sprinkle the salt too. But the salt should be less in proportion to the baking soda.

Also, if there is a specific stain on the carpet, spill a little extra on the spot.

4.    Spray the detergent solution & wait for some time

Spray the detergent solution or the soapy water on the carpet. Then let it be for 5-7 minutes.

5.    Use the brush to remove dirt, debris or hair from the carpet

Brush the whole carpet from one direction. This will take out all the dirt, debris, hair from the carpet. After you brushed once or twice from same direction, check if there are any additional hair or dirt hidden inside the carpet.

If there are still some particles or hair lefton the carpet, you need to brush form the right angle to the original direction.

For stains, brush 2-3 times extra on the area but don’t be too harsh if you don’t want to ruin the carpet. Now, if you are satisfied with the cleaning, proceed to the next step.

6.    Use the towels or rags to soak the soapy water

Press the towels, rags or whatever you have against the carpet. You aim is to make the towels soak the soapy water, not to wipe the carpet because water won’t soak that way.

7.    Spray regular tap water

Now use some tap water from a pipe or spray with the spray bottle to wash out any soapy moisture in the carpet.

8.    Use towels and rags to soak the water again

Again, use towels, rags or your old T-shirts to soak the tap water from the carpet. This time use more towels so that you can absorb maximum moisture from the carpet.

9.    Let it dry

At last, let the carpet dry for a while in the sun. Give it enough time to completely dry. If there is any moisture in the carpet, it might stink and spread bad odor. So, put it on the floor once it is completely dried out.

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