How Often Should Carpet Be Cleaned

How Often Should Carpet Be Cleaned – Cheap Carpet Cleaning Phoenix

Compared to how many times you’ve washed your clothes;your carpet will seem like mommy buriedunder your feet. As a matter of fact, it might be it, depending on how you clean and how often you do. But you came here to know how often should you clean in the first place. So instead of making you feel how dirty your carpet is, I’m just going to talk about what you came for.

But before that, you need ask your selves some questions? These questions will help you decide how frequently you need to take professional help to clean the carpets in your home.

Are you under warranty?

Carpets come with warranty if you buy from an authentic shop.

Read the warranty papers.In the terms, you might find a clause where they explain that the warranty only counts if you clean the seams once or twice a year. So, from this line, you can safely assume that your carpet needs proper cleaningafter a certain period and the period should be written on the warranty papers.

How much is the traffic?

Traffic is an important consideration in this case. The more traffic you get, the more dirt and debris sits on your carpet.

For example, if you have carpets on your office entry gate, depending on your employee and visitors’ number, it will collect anywhere from a hundred to a few thousand foot prints every day. So almost a few million footstep a year.

In the same time period, you might only get a few thousand footsteps on your carpets in conference room, personal cabin door, etc. While for these carpets, it might be okay to clean once or twice a year but for the office door entry carpets or any other carpet that gets immense traffic every day, you cannot but clean them at least once a month – around 12-15 times a year.

Do you own furry pets?

Even if you clean your carpet 3-4 times a week with vacuum cleaner, the fur, mud, and bacteria brought by your pets might actually ruin the carpet material. So, if you own a pet, the rule for home carpet cleaning doesn’t apply to you. You are no longer in the territory of “once or twice a week”. I’d definitely recommend you clean your carpet every 3-4 months in this situation.

Did you have any accidental splits?

If you mistakenly spill something on you carpet that might harm the material or leave the stains, clean the carpet immediately. Your once or twice a year doesn’t apply here too. It is more like an “do it as it happens type situation”.

The bottom line

Well, to sum it up, I would say that in order to determine how often should you clean your carpet, you must look at your surrounding and the placement of your carpet.

As mentioned before, if the carpet is placed on a crowded area where people go quite often, you need to decrease the time gap betweenthe washes. Also, the surrounding belongings influence carpet cleaning frequency. The surroundings being the floor where it is placed or a furry pet, you can easily figure out how often you need to clean your carpets.

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