How much does it cost to have a carpet cleaned?

How much does it cost to have a carpet cleaned?

According to experts, homeowners should be cleaning their carpets at least twice a year. However, many shy away from this due to the costs. However, this might not be as high as you might be thinking, so let’s get into how much it actually costs to have your carpets cleaned properly in order to avoid having it make rooms become a become a breeding ground for molds.

How will you be charged?

When you hire professionals to have your carpets cleaned, you will more often than not be faced with either a per room charge or a per square footage charge, depending on the service holder.

  1. Per Room: In this method, the size of your carpet does not matter (up to a certain point) and you will be charged according to the number of rooms you want to be cleaned. However, for those with mammoth-sized carpets, some companies impose a maximum limit on the size of the carpet and will consider the single carpet as two rooms
  2. Per Square Foot: As the name suggests, you will be charged based on the total square footage of carpet the cleaning crew will have to take care of in addition to a base charge. For the proud owners of large homes, this option is advisable as the overall cost including the base charge is well worth it.

What factors affect the price?

Square footage will not be the sole determining factor of the cost of cleaning your carpets. The objective of cleaning your carpet is not to just give it a wash-down, but to treat it so it does not retain a foul stench, it is restored to a better state than it was in before the cleaning crew arrived, and to extend the carpet’s longevity. In order to achieve this, all the good cleaners will charge you for the extras, these may include:

  • Anti-Insect treatment: Hygienic insecticides will be used to treat your carpets and rid of any insects, past present or future. This is recommended for homeowners with an insect problem on their hands.
  • Pet Stains: Having a pet around might be good for your company they are not so friendly towards carpets. The cleaners will have to pretreat your carpets to properly remove stains and odors, and in worse cases, remove the carpet pad underneath which is a very expensive procedure.
  • Furniture Relocation: If the cleaners have to relocate your furniture while at the job, you might be charged extra for the heavy lifting.
  • Teflon Treatment: To add an additional layer of protection to your carpets, some cleaners will add in a stain and water resistant coating for the fibers in your carpet. Sometimes, you will get this free-of-cost, however, there will be additional charges in the cases that you do not get it for free.

There are several other factors which will determine the cost of cleaning your carpet, namely how dirty it was,to begin with.  In most cases,however, you are looking at somewhere between $200 on the low and $600 if the carpet cleaners have to really get down and dirty for the job.

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