Top 5 Best Carpet Cleaning Method

BEST 5 CARPET CLEANING METHOD – Cheap Carpet Cleaning Phoenix

There might be dozens of carpet cleaning services in your area and you must be wondering why there are so many for such a simple task…

First of all, carpet cleaning is not simple. It’s is no joke. If done poorly, your carpet material and integrity might be compromised. Secondly, there is a good reason for this many carpet cleaning service provider in your locality, it is because they use different cleaning methods.

These carpet cleaning companies differ in the way they clean. Some use dry cleaning, some use hot water extraction. There are some companies, who provide different types of cleaning and this is the reason why you need to know about them. If you are well-informed on these cleaning methods, it’ll be easier for you to pick a cleaning service or a specific cleaning method.

5 best carpet cleaning methods

1.  Hot Water Extraction

Hot water extraction is arguably the best carpet cleaning method or at least the most common carpet cleaning method that companies use.

It is also known as steam carpet cleaning. In this method, hot steamy pressured water is used to agitate the carpet fibers. Also, the hot water is used to dissolve the dirt or mud from the carpet.

In this process, the carpet is dealt with cleaning agents and then agitation by stiff bristled brush. Using the brush in this process is similar to how you would wash your clothes by hand. First, you try to get rid of all the particles or hair using the brush from one direction. If you are not satisfied with the result, you can run the brush through your carpet perpendicularly.

When the brush is successful in removing all the dirt, debris, hair and stains, the carpet is rinsed with water. Then it is left to dry in the sun or in an air-conditioned environment.

The time to dry the carpet will depend on how big the carpet is how thick the fibers are. Depending on the size, the carpet would need 2-10 hours to dry. That’s why we would suggest to clean the carpet at late afternoon so that it can be left to dry overnight and be ready to be used from the next morning.

2.  Dry Cleaning

If you don’t want to wait hours for your carpet to dry, this is the method you should ask the carpet cleaner to use.

The specialty of dry cleaning is it does not require any drying time, which is why many carpet manufacturers suggest and approve of cleaning their carpet this way. Experts believe that it’s one of the most efficient ways to clean your carpet, if not “the most”.

The dry cleaning technology was developed in the early 80s. That’s why there are many types and compositions of cleaning powder available from dry cleaning. However, it is still very new compared to traditional water rinsed method. That’s why many think it is not an actual method of cleaning.

Regardless of the argument over whether it is a cleaning method or not, dry cleaning is very popular among carpet cleaning companies, mainly because of its hassle-free cleaning process and time efficiency.

In this method, the cleaning powder or compound is used on the bottom of the carpet with a motorized rotating counter that has brush-like bristles that open up the fibers in the carpet. This enables the cleaning powder to settle deep inside the carpet, offering a satisfying cleaning result and experience.

The cleaning powder is mostly biodegradable materials and they work like tiny micro-level sponges. This cleaning powder can easily absorb the dissolved dirt from the carpet and give you quick fresh-n-clean carpets.

3.  Foam Encapsulation

In this method, synthetic detergents are used as a base which later crystalizes and turns into powder form. When the synthetic detergent is used on a carpet, the dissolved dirt and debris get crystalized with the detergents, turning into powders that can easily be removed with a vacuum or brush later on.

One major advantage of this method is – it leaves minimum chemical residue behind, which make it one of the eco-friendliest cleaning methods. Besides, the method requires very little water, which means drying takes very little time.

Even though is it quick and efficient in its work, it is still not the best approach to a dirty carpet. Due to the limitation with this process, people try to skip to another method. But it definitely is a easy to get your carpets cleaned.

4.  Bonnet Cleaning

Bonnet cleaning similar to the dry cleaning, with the exception of cleaning agent used in the process. Like, dry cleaning, here the carpet also goes through a motorized spinning pad but with a very different cleaning solution. This cleaning solution first absorbs the dirt from the carpet and then removed from it.

This method is very common and popular to hotel because they are in constant search for quick fixes to their problem.

However, with this method, the dirt doesn’t go away completely and after a certain period of time, it resurfaces. So, not the best solution to your carpet cleaning need but as mentioned, definitely a quick fix for people who need it.

5.  Carpet Shampooing

Even though carpet shampooing is not that popular in recent days, it is still a good way to get rid of all the dirt from your carpet.

This process is as it sounds like – shampooing the carpet. However, you can use other cleaning agents instead of shampoo. Now, the cleaning is very similar to how you would clean or wash your head.

First, the carpet is soaked in shampoo or other cleaning agents. Then the dirt is rinsed from the carpet using water. As this method requires a lot of water, it is not the most efficient one. Also, due to heavy water use, drying takes a lot of time in this method. That’s why people hardly use this now. However, if your carpet is small in, this might not be the worst idea you ever had.

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